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Pentair Clean & Clear Plus Cartridge Filter

Pentair Master Temp Pool Heater Natural Gas, 400,000 BTU

Pentair - EC-011057 - IntelliFlo VS+SVRS Variable Speed Pool Pump 3HP

Pentair Amerlite 300 Watt 120 Volt Pool Light with 100' Power Cord

  1. Anti-Entrapment Covers: These covers are designed to prevent body or hair entanglement and reduce the risk of suction entrapment.
  2. Dual Main Drains: Dual drain system helps to distribute the suction force and minimize the risk of entrapment.
  1. Function: Return lines are responsible for returning filtered and treated water from the circulation system back into the pool. Placement and number depend on the size and shape of pool.
  2. Jet Fittings: Return lines are equipped with jet fittings or adjustable nozzles. That allow control of direction and flow of water.
  1. Underwater pool lights are a popular choice for illuminating the pool and creating a captivating visual effect. They come in incandescent, LED, or fiber optic lights. 
  2. LED Lights: LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights have gained popularity due to their energy efficiency, longevity, and versatility. LED pool lights are available in various colors, and some models offer color-changing options.

Coping Advantages:

  1. Safety
  2. Protection
  3. Aesthetics
  4. Comfort

Waterline Tile Advantages:

  1. Visual Appeal
  2. Easy Maintenance
  3. Water Protection
  4. Durability

Skimmer Uses:

    1. Surface Debris Removal: One of the primary functions of a pool skimmer is to remove debris from the surface of the pool water.
    2. Contaminant Removal: Skimmers also help to remove other types of contaminants from the pool water.
    3. Pre-Filtration: The skimmer acts as a pre-filtration system by capturing larger debris.
    4. Water Circulation: A pool skimmer plays a crucial role in maintaining proper water circulation.

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    Call us today at 818-792-5020

    Contact Us

    Call us today at 818-792-5020

    New Swimming Pool Package

    Base Pool 11×24 3’x5′ Deep
    Spa 5’x6′

    Includes Labor, Materials, & Installation

    Excavation, Rebar, Plumbing, Electrical, Gas Line Trench, Shotcrete Shell, Coping, White Plaster, Waterline Tile, Pool Equipment, Variable Speed Circulation, Pump, Cartridge Filter, 400 K BTU Heater, Pool & Spa Incandescent Lighting, Pool & Spa Startup Service.



    IntelliBrite LED (7 light show options & 5 fixed color choices)

    SAm Spectrum Amerlite pool lights

    Amerlite incandescent lights

    Aqua Light spa lights

    Aqualight and SpaBright for smaller pools and spas

    Fiberworks fiberoptic lighting for landscape and pool perimeters

      We can also install color-changing uplights for landscaping, and specialized lighting for pathways, steps and water features.

      Pool Visualizer

      What is Shotcrete?

      Shotcrete is a unique composite material that is composed of water, sand, and cement. Unlike regular concrete, this material is sprayed in layers using a specialized spray gun. This unique application method creates a seamless surface that contributes to the pool’s overall durability.

      Compared to gunite, shotcrete is even stronger and can be used to create a variety of rounded shapes and unique designs. Shotcrete pools are an ideal choice for those who want a durable and long-lasting swimming pool. 

      They are commonly used in commercial settings such as hotels and resorts because of their strength and durability. Shotcrete pools offer a range of design possibilities and finishes, providing flexibility in terms of design and aesthetics.


      Negative Edge Pools

      A negative edge pool, also known as a “vanishing edge” pool, is designed to create the illusion that the water is flowing over the edge of the pool, disappearing into the horizon. This effect is achieved by having one or more edges of the pool lower than the water level, allowing the water to spill over into a catch basin or trough. Negative edge pools can be particularly impressive when situated on a hillside or overlooking a scenic view.

      Vanishing Edge or Infinity Pools

      An infinity edge pool, on the other hand, creates a similar effect by having one edge of the pool disappear into the horizon, but without the use of a catch basin or trough. Instead, the water spills over the edge and into a secondary pool or reservoir, which recirculates the water back into the main pool. This design gives the illusion of an infinite pool, with no visible edge or boundary.

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