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Tile Removal

Old tile is chipped away. Even surface is created by grinding down the area beneath the old tile. Mortar bed is added to even surface.



Applying Adhesive

A swimming pool specific thin set bonding agent is applied to the waterline area where the tile will be placed.

Applying Tiles

Pool-specific porcelain tiles are placed onto the thin-set. Each tile is pressed into the thin-set by hand or using a rubber mallet. It is important to allow the tiles to set firmly.


Once the tiles are firmly in place, grout is spread using a rubber floating tool. Excess grout is then removed through sponging, ensuring a clean and polished finish.

Waterline Tile: Enhancing Pool Aesthetics

Waterline tile refers to the row of tiles positioned just above the pool finish and below the deck. Typically measuring 6″x6″, these tiles are placed at the water level, usually halfway up the tile. The purpose of waterline tile is to protect the pool and spa finishes from sun exposure and the elements.

Raised Bond Beam: Showcasing Creativity

The raised bond beam refers to the elevated section of the pool wall above the lower level of the decking. This area offers homeowners an opportunity to get creative as it is the most visible tile in the pool. Consider using smaller decorative tiles such as 1″x1″, 2″x2″, or 3″x3″ on the raised bond beam. It is also common to install accent tiles in this area, adding a unique touch to the pool design.

Spillways and Spa Walls: Attention-Grabbing Features

The face of the spa walls and the spillways are other focal points within the pool. When water flows from the spa to the pool, it draws attention to these areas. Careful consideration should be given to the selection of grout and tile colors to ensure they complement each other. Spillways provide an opportunity for creativity, whether it’s widening an existing spillway, incorporating multiple spillways, or covering the top with coping to enhance its appearance.

Trim Tile and Spotters: Functional and Decorative Elements

Trim tile serves as a small line of non-slip tiles placed at the outer edge of steps and seats in the pool. It helps bathers gauge the depth of the pool while adding a decorative detail. Spotters, on the other hand, are diamond-set tiles typically spaced around 12″ apart, contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal of the pool.





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