Step 1

Detailed Plans Are Prepared Taking into Consideration Soil Type and Grade of the Land

Step 2

A hole is excavated 3 feet larger than the dimensions of the pool and the surface is leveled

Step 3

The pool structure is created using Grade D250N or D500N Rebar. Plumbing is also added at this stage.

Step 4

Pool surface is added using a layer of shotcrete followed by a finishing layer of plaster of fiberglass.

Step 5

Finishing touches are added, including coping and water line tiles.

We offer a variety of tile options, including custom mosaics, and two-inch tall pavers in either traditional or safety grip bullnose.

Step 6

Your pool is finished with the addition of decks, hardscape, retaining walls, and water features as called for in the plan.

Our artistic pavers and hardscapes with brick, stone, and travertine features and accents, can be used for architectural and decorative uses, such as raised walls, benches, planters and other outdoor amenities.