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Benches | Waterline Tile | Steps

Pool steps are functional features in swimming pools that provide easy access to the water. They are typically placed at one end of the pool and can come in various designs, such as curved or straight, to accommodate different pool shapes and sizes.

Waterline tile  refers to the decorative tiles installed along the waterline of a swimming pool. These tiles not only enhance the visual appeal of the pool but also serve as a protective barrier, preventing water damage to the pool’s walls. Lastly, benches are seating areas built into the pool’s design, usually along the pool’s perimeter or integrated into the steps. These provide a convenient spot for relaxation, sunbathing, or socializing while enjoying the water. They are often designed to be at a comfortable height and can be finished with smooth and non-slip materials for safety and comfort.

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Pool coping refers to the material or edge that surrounds the top perimeter of a swimming pool. There are various types of pool coping available, each offering different aesthetic and functional characteristics. One common type is concrete coping, which is poured or precast concrete that can be shaped and textured to create a customized look. Another popular option is natural stone coping, such as granite, limestone, or travertine, which adds a luxurious and timeless appeal to the pool area. Pavers, including brick or porcelain, are another choice, providing a versatile and durable option with a range of colors and patterns. Additionally, some pools may feature cantilevered coping, where the pool deck material extends over the edge of the pool, creating a seamless and modern appearance. Each type of pool coping has its own advantages and can significantly impact the overall aesthetics and functionality of the pool area.

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Water Features

Fountains | Waterfalls | Fire Elements

Water features add a touch of elegance, visual appeal, and a soothing ambiance to swimming pools. They come in various forms, including waterfalls, fountains, jets, and cascades. Waterfalls are a popular choice, creating a stunning cascade of water that flows from elevated rocks or structures into the pool. Fountains can be placed in the center of the pool or along the pool’s edge, with water spraying or bubbling up in graceful patterns. Jets create arcs of water that shoot from the pool’s walls or floor, adding an interactive element for swimmers. Cascades are gentle flows of water that meander down a series of steps or terraces, providing a calming and naturalistic effect. These water features not only enhance the visual appeal of the pool but also produce soothing sounds, helping to create a serene and relaxing environment. They can be customized to suit the pool’s design and the owner’s preferences, becoming captivating focal points that elevate the overall aesthetics of the pool area.

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Hardscape & Decks

Decks | Pavers | Walls | Entrance | Pergolas

Barbecue & Fire Pits

Outdoor kitchen and bar
Outdoor living space
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Stair Construction

The process of stone stair construction involves several key steps to create a durable and aesthetically pleasing staircase.

First, the site is prepared by clearing the area and ensuring a solid foundation.

Next, the dimensions and layout of the stairs are marked, taking into account the desired rise and run of each step. The excavation begins, removing soil and debris to create the desired depth and shape of the stairwell. The base of the stairs is then leveled and compacted, providing a stable surface for the subsequent layers. A layer of crushed stone or gravel is added as a base, followed by the installation of a sturdy and well-draining base material, such as concrete or mortar.

Each step is carefully constructed by placing and leveling individual stone slabs or blocks, ensuring a secure and even surface. Mortar or adhesive is applied between the stones to create a strong bond. Finally, the sides of the stairs are finished with additional stone or retaining walls, and any gaps or joints are filled and smoothed for a seamless appearance.

Throughout the process, attention is paid to maintaining proper drainage, slope, and alignment to ensure both functionality and visual appeal of the stone staircase.

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